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Works Of Harun Yahya - 04.08.2007
Netherlands, The/The Hetkiel Blogspot
The Hetkiel Blogspot web page carried an introduction to Harun Yahya’s “The Evolution Deceit,” “The Truth of the Life of This World” and his other works.
The article in question carried the views of teachers at Antwerp University and described how Harun Yahya’s books had had a great influence on Muslim students. It reported that the anti-Darwinist Atlas of Creation had for some weeks been sent free of charge to Dutch universities. It also went on to say:

“Adnan Oktar’s artistic training can be seen on his own web page … He published his book about Judaism and Freemasonry in the mid 1980s. In this he stated that Freemasonry was endeavoring to weaken Turkish moral values…”

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