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It Is Too Late To Save Darwinism Now! - 25.10.2007
France/Le Point

The 25 October, 2007, edition of Le Point, a well-known French weekly news magazine, carried an article titled "Save Darwin!" The article in question described how science and life sciences teachers were setting up an educational campaign aimed at those teachers who “feel themselves inadequately prepared” in the face of pro-creationist activities.  The target of this campaign, and the subject stressed in the report is “Atlas of Creation that recently irrupted into a large number of schools.”

This report, one of hundreds that have appeared in France regarding Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation, reveals the shock effect it has had on the French public. It also reveals how helpless even those who teach the theory of evolution are in the face of the evidence in the Atlas. It is no longer possible to save Darwin, and by extension the theory of evolution bequeathed by him. The true facts have been revealed, and the false masks worn by those who lied in the name of science have been torn away. And Charles Darwin has gone down in history as the founder of the greatest scientific fraud in the history of the world.

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