Global Impact - Panic Continues In Darwinist Circles
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Panic Continues In Darwinist Circles - 11.05.2007
Belgium/La Libre

In its 11 May, 2007, issue, the 80,000 circulation Belgian French-language daily La Libre carried a third report regarding the Atlas of Creation. In its book review section, the paper said that the Atlas of Creation had attracted strong reactions in France and Belgium because it represented a serious threat to the theory of evolution, and mentioned that with the Atlas the idea of Creation brought about a “destruction” in Europe and the USA. It went on to say that countries in which Darwinist and materialist philosophy was dominant, countries that had never before felt the need to take any measures against any book, were now in a state of panic in the face of the Atlas of Creation and that this confirmed the powerful impact of the ideas within it. However, the clear message of the Atlas of Creation – that Allah has created all living things – cannot be covered up by any false philosophy or any precautionary measure.

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