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Wahabbists Recommend Harun Yahya’s Books - 30.08.2008
United States/United Press International (UPI)

The Asian service of the American news agency United Press International (UPI), which has been publishing since 1907, reported that people in India were turning to the Abrahamic faiths and that the number of people who don’t believe in evolution is rising. The report, filed by an Indian social scientist on 30 August, 2008, noted that Wahabbists were making use of Harun Yahya’s books to oppose evolution:

“If one goes to any Wahabbist bookstore, one would find there books by Harun Yahya; many times my Wahabbist friends have recommended his books to me, saying, if only I would read Harun Yahya with an open mind, I would give up on the delusion of evolution.”

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