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Harun Yahya's (Adnan Oktar) works, written in order to communicate the Qur'an to the entire world and thus encourage people to reflect on such items of faith as God's Existence and Oneness, are having a wide global impact. In this section, you will find reports from the world press about Harun Yahya's works.

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United States/Jewish Press Norway's Muslims' efforts to protect the Oslo Synagogue Accords with Adnan Oktar's views of co-existence of Muslims and Jews 18.02.2015
United States/Good News Network Harun Yahya publications: Islam according to the Qur'an teaches love and compassion 09.02.2015
Russia/Business Gazeta The Reputed Creationist in the Muslim World: Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya) 04.11.2014
United States/ "Atlas of Creation" by Harun Yahya in Algeria during Africa Cup of Nations 09.02.2015
United States/ Harun Yahya's book "Bigotry: the Dark Danger" on London Buses 04.02.2015
Belgium/RTL Info Students in Belgium do not believe in evolution 29.01.2015
United States/JSS News Holocaust Documentary by Muslim Author 20.01.2015
Israel/ Rivlin:" We, the Jews and Muslims, are the children of Abraham; We are all the children of God." 03.01.2014
Russia/Live News TV Live News TV Interviews Mr Adnan Oktar 29.11.2014
Austria/Die Presse Die Presse, the most widely read newspaper of Austria, publishes report about Evolution Deceit by Harun Yahya 25.11.2014
France/Canal + of France Harun Yahya on Canal + of France 13.11.2014
Hungary/Nepszava Anti-Darwinist publications of Harun Yahya on the Hungarian Press 08.11.2014
Poland/ Harun Yahya books presented to the President of Catholic Churches Union of Poland 07.11.2014
United States/American Scientist American Scientist's article on the Atlas of Creation by Harun Yahya 01.11.2014
United States/Inquisitr Popular news website of USA, Inquisitr: 'Jesus Christ Will Return And Convert The World To Islam, Says Popular Muslim Personality' 28.10.2014
United States/World Net Daily Harun Yahya publications about the end times and the coming of Prophet Jesus on World Net Daily 26.10.2014
United States/Evolution News Living Fossils and Atlas of Creation Refute Darwinism 21.10.2014
Belgium/RTBF - Belika "Creationist books at the mail boxes in Belgium" 18.02.2014
France/UNADFI "The return of the creationist books," says UNADFI of France 05.12.2013
Maldives/MV TV MV TV's spot for the Harun Yahya conference Tour in Maldives 10.10.2014
Maldives/Vaguthu Vaguthu announces Harun Yahya conferences 16.10.2014
Maldives/Raajje TV Harun Yahya conferences on Raajje TV 16.10.2014
Maldives/Sun Media Group Sun FM introduces Harun Yahya's Maldives Conferences 16.10.2014
Maldives/Channel News Maldives (CNM) Harun Yahya conferences in the Maldives Press 16.10.2014
Maldives/Haveeru Haveeru Online announces Harun Yahya conferences 16.10.2014
Maldives/Islamic Foundation of Maldives Islamic Foundation of Maldives Organized a Press Conference to Introduce Harun Yahya Conferences 16.10.2014
Yemen/National Yemen National Yemen Newspaper Interviews Harun Yahya 27.09.2014
United States/ Adnan Oktar's meeting with the famous actor and director Steven Seagal 19.07.2014
Morocco/Morocco World News Al-Khabar Newspaper Interviews Harun Yahya 16.03.2014
France/Fransa Radyosu Radio France Website highlights the impact of 'Atlas of Creation' on France 30.01.2014
Iran/?ran Fars Haber Ajans? Fars News Agency publishes Interview with Harun Yahya 27.01.2014
France/Unesco World Bibliography of Translation Harun Yahya, amongs the authors whose works are mostly translated 18.10.2013
Germany/Goslarsche Zeitung Our Conference at the Clausthal University on the German Press 23.07.2014
United Kingdom/Islam Channel Islam Channel of UK Hosts Harun Yahya representative on live program 20.12.2012
Iraq/Al-Itijah TV Al-Itijah TV from Iraq Interviews Mr. Adnan Oktar 04.10.2012
Iran/IRIB (Arabic) Iranian State TV IRIB Interviews Mr. Adnan Oktar 15.03.2012
United Kingdom/Children of Peace A9 TV Channel affiliated to the Children of Peace Organization
Romania/Mediafax Throughout April fossils dating back to different geological periods were displayed. 09.04.2014
China/The Epoch Times The works of Harun Yahya cast doubts on the invalidity of Darwinism 17.02.2014
United Kingdom/The Independent In Ukraine, a Policy of Compromise Is the Key 19.02.2014
United States/Salem News Harun Yahya: Urgent Appeal to the UN Regarding Recent Violence Against Rohingya 01.02.2014
United States/ Watch Muslims, Jews agree on coming end times 09.07.2013
Germany/ German singer Kollegah embraces Islam by means of Harun Yahya books
United States/Forbes A Close Up to the Atlas of Creation by Forbes 25.07.2012
Umman/Oman Tribune Harun Yahya Works Were Displayed in The Oman international Book Fair 08.03.2012
Egypt/The Egyptian Gazzette An Egyptian Newspaper Carried Mr. Adnan Oktar"s View On Secularism 09.03.2012
Egypt/ Ron Mastro, The American Teacher And Businessman Explains How He Embraced Islam By Means Of The Works Of Harun Yahya 05.03.2012
Israel/Arutz Sheva Mr. Adnan Oktar's Response To To Ones Who Provoke Hatred in The Name Of Islam 16.01.2012
?skoya/ The Website Reported Mr. Adnan Oktar"s Statements Regarding The End Of The World 28.02.2012
United States/The Ranger Evolutionist Taner Edis Introduces Mr. Adnan Oktar"s ""atlas Of Creation"" During Darwin Week 07.03.2012
1-50 out of 621 entries
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