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Harun Yahya's (Adnan Oktar) works, written in order to communicate the Qur'an to the entire world and thus encourage people to reflect on such items of faith as God's Existence and Oneness, are having a wide global impact. In this section, you will find reports from the world press about Harun Yahya's works.

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Spain/La Vanguardia A Turkish Creationist Challenges Darwinism 29.09.2008
Israel/One Peace Jerusalem A Global Prayer For Peace 26.09.2010
Spain/Levante-EMV There is No Fossil That Support The Darwnist Theories 29.09.2008
Spain/El Periodico The Atlas Of Creation At The University Of Barcelona 10.07.2007
Netherlands, The/Nederlands Dagblad In The Netherlands, Students Argue Against Evolution With The Works Of Harun Yahya 12.08.2010
Azerbaycan/Age.Az Harun Yahya is Talking About The Turkish islamic Union 08.08.2010
Azerbaycan/For the Country (Olke Namine) The Water That Will Put Off The Fire in The World is The Turkish islamic Union 12.08.2010
Spain/Le Correo Darwinist Panic increasing With The Atlas Of Creation 13.02.2008
Spain/Canarias7 A Creationist Challenges Darwinism With Million Dollar Prize 29.09.2008
Nigeria/Vanguard The Second Coming Of Jesus (pbuh) 25.10.2010
Jordan/The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre "authority On islamic Creationism" 01.08.2010
Denmark/Kristelight Dagblad Harun Yahya Works For information About The Noah’s Flood 07.08.2002
Switzerland/24 Heures Muslim Creationist Attracted A Big Crowd To Beaulieu 26.05.2010
Switzerland/Le Matin Harun Yahya’s Landing On Switzerland 25.05.2010
Switzerland/Le Temps After The Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution Conference In Lausanne 26.05.2010
Switzerland/20 Minutes Online Conferences Causing The Collapse Of Darwinism And Materialism Are In The Swiss Press Everyday 26.05.2010
Yemen Arap Cumhuriyeti/Yemen Times Harun Yahya: Sound islamic Union Should Be Established 17.11.2005
Switzerland/Le Temps Creationist Tour In Switzerland 22.05.2010
Switzerland/Le Courrier Turkey, The Most Active And Rooted Center Of Muslim Creationism 19.05.2010
Switzerland/Tribune de Genve The Leader Of The Most Effective Anti-evolutionist Movement In The Muslim World 26.05.2010
Switzerland/24 Heures Posters Defending Creation All Over Switzerland 18.05.2010
Switzerland/Neue Zurcher Zeitung Posters Call Out That Evolution is A Lie 19.05.2010
Switzerland/Tages Anzeiger Campaign Against The Theory Of Evolution In The Name Of Allah 18.05.2010
Switzerland/20 Minutes Online Switzerland Convention Center Expects Harun Yahya Refuting The Theory Of Evolution 03.05.2010
Switzerland/International Catholic News Agency The Arrival Of Turkish Muslim Creationist Adnan Oktar To Lausanne 06.05.2010
Switzerland/L'Hebdo Creationism Drop Anchor At Turkey With Effect Of Harun Yahya 03.02.2010
Morocco/Attajdid Interview With Harun Yahya 31.08.2010
Switzerland/20 Minuten With The Qur’an Against Darwin 05.05.2010
Switzerland/24 Heures Posters introducing Lausanne Conference Of Harun Yahya And Striking Out The Theory Of Evolution 12.05.2010
Switzerland/Tribune de Genve The Man Who Refuses Darwin’s Theory With The Name Of Allah 12.05.2010
United Kingdom/ Interview With Harun Yahya 01.01.2009
Indonesia/CRCS Harun Yahya's Ideas Affect Biology Lessons in Indonesia 01.07.2010
United States/Slate Harun Yahya, Chief Of Turkish Creationism 09.02.2011
Israel/Maariv No Jew Will Be Hurt, it is Against The Qura"n 22.01.2010
United Kingdom/Christian Today Muslim Creationist Preaches islam, Awaits Christ 20.06.2008
Denmark/Kristelight Dagblad Darwinism Is Dead In Turkey 29.11.2006
Belgium/De Morgen Reuters interview in Belgium Press 27.06.2008
United Kingdom/Harun Yahya Leads the Creationist Movement Harun Yahya Leads The Creationist Movement 24.02.2009
Israel/Arutz Sheva Israeli Delegation Appeared As A Guest On Adnan Oktar"s Television Programme 19.01.2010
Syria/Syria Aleppo Muslim Turkish Author Prepares Ground For The Return Of The Messiah 21.06.2008
Egypt/Islam Online Best Daw"ah (preaching) Activities: Harun Yahya 18.01.2010
Yemen Arap Cumhuriyeti/Althaqafiah An Interview With Harun Yahya 20.02.2003
United States/FM Talk 101.1 The Bravest Man In The Middle East 14.02.2010
Azerbaycan/Various Azarbaijani Press Turkish islamic Union Conference On Azarbaijani Press 17.11.2010
Ukraine/ The Collapse Of Evolutionary Theory On Russian Agenda 23.01.2008
United Arab Emirates/Gulfnews Harun Yahya Works In Sharjah Book Fair 12.10.2003
United Arab Emirates/Kaleej Times Harun Yahya Works in Abu Dhabi islamic Book Exhibition 11.06.2003
Indonesia/Al Falah An interview With Harun Yahya 01.03.2006
Switzerland/Blick The Atlas Of Creation Has Provoked A Huge Reaction In Switzerland 04.05.2007
India/Young Muslim Digest Interview With Adnan Oktar (part II) 01.09.2007
101-150 out of 598 entries
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