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Announcements in the World Press

In addition to various advertisements introducing various books by Harun Yahya in the world press, you can also find posters distributed to publishers and libraries across the world aimed at presenting the Harun Yahya collection.

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Algeria/ "Atlas of Creation" announcements in Algeria during 2015 Africa Cup 25.01.2015
United Kingdom/ Harun Yahya's book "Bigotry: the Dark Danger" on London Buses 29.12.2014
United Kingdom/Harun Yahya Harun Yahyas Atlas Of Creation On London Buses 01.09.2012
Switzerland/Announcement of Harun Yahya Announcement Of Harun Yahya's Works in 20 Minutes, One Of The Most Widely Read Newspapers Of Switzerland 27.04.2012
France/Introduction of Harun Yahya Conferences on Champs-Elyses, One of the Most Famous Streets of Paris Introduction Of Harun Yahya Conferences On Champs-elyses, One Of The Most Famous Streets Of Paris 18.01.2012
France/2012 France Conferences in Mosques in Paris and Rouen 2012 France Conferences In Mosques In Paris And Rouen 18.01.2012
Netherlands, The/Harun Yahya Posters on Rotterdam Streets Harun Yahya Posters On Rotterdam Streets 01.10.2011
Azerbaycan/Harun Yahya Posters at Baku Underground Station Harun Yahya Posters At Baku Underground Station 26.09.2011
United Kingdom/Harun Yahya Posters on London Busses Harun Yahya Posters On London Busses 25.08.2011
Pakistan/MOTHERHOOD MAGAZINE Motherhood Magazine 10.02.2003
United Kingdom/THE NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE The Newsweek Magazine 05.07.2004
United States/THE WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS The Washington Report On Middle East Affairs 01.07.2003
United Kingdom/TIME MAGAZINE - EUROPE Time Magazine - Europe 01.12.2003
United Kingdom/THE MUSLIM NEWS The Muslim News 30.06.2000
United States/VOICE OF ISLAM NEWSPAPER Voice Of islam Newspaper 01.07.2001
United States/SOUND VISION BOOK CATALOGUE Sound Vision Book Catalogue 01.01.2001
Germany/SKD PUBLISHING Skd Publishing 02.08.2003
Malaysia/SABA ISLAMIC MEDIA - 2003 Media Catalogue Saba islamic Media - 2003 Media Catalogue 01.01.2003
United Kingdom/Q-NEWS MAGAZINE Q-news Magazine 01.09.2001
Netherlands, The/ONZE OEMMA Onze Oemma 01.10.2003
Bangladesh/DAILY ITTEFAQ Daily Ittefaq 00.00.0000
Malaysia/NUR MAGAZINE Nur Magazine 01.12.2000
United Kingdom/THE MUSLIM WEEKLY The Muslim Weekly 02.04.2004
United States/The Muslim Observer The Muslim Observer 20.08.2004
India/THE MILLI GAZETTE The Milli Gazette 30.06.2003
Azerbaycan/KHAZAR VIEW MAGAZINE Khazar View Magazine 01.11.2004
Sri Lanka/CENTER FOR ISLAMIC STUDIES PUBLICATION Center For islamic Studies Publication 01.01.2002
United States/ASTROLABE – Autumn 2001 Astrolabe – Autumn 2001 01.09.2001
United Kingdom/THE ISLAMIC FOUNDATION 2002 - 2003 BOOK CATALOGUE The islamic Foundation 2002 - 2003 Book Catalogue 01.01.2002
India/GOODWORD BOOK CATALOGUE Goodword Book Catalogue 01.01.2002
Tanzanya/DAR ITRAH Dar Itrah 00.00.0000
Australia/BROTHERHOOD MONTHLY NEWSPAPER Brotherhood Monthly Newspaper 01.01.2001
United Kingdom/AMALPRESS PUBLISHING Amalpress Publishing 01.02.2002
India/AL RISALA MAGAZINE Al Risala Magazine 01.09.2000
Gney Afrika Cumhuriyeti/AFRICA PERSPECTIVES Africa Perspectives 01.01.2002
New Zealand/THE PRESS The Press 04.08.2008
United Kingdom/TAHA PUBLISHING Taha Publishing 00.00.0000
Indonesia/Al Falah Al Falah 01.10.2008
India/SCHOOLS in INDIA Schools in India 01.06.2008
United States/NEWSWEEK Newsweek 05.07.2004
United States/NEWSWEEK Newsweek 07.06.2004
United Kingdom/The Times The Times 13.10.2009
Pakistan/GREATER KASHMIR Greater Kashmir 26.12.2007
United Kingdom/THE MUSLIM NEWS The Muslim News 25.08.2008
Israel/THE INTERNATIONAL JERUSALEM POST The international Jerusalem Post 02.09.2005
United States/NEWSWEEK Newsweek 22.09.2003
United States/NEWSWEEK Newsweek 10.11.2003
United States/NEWSWEEK Newsweek 13.11.2003
United States/NEWSWEEK Newsweek 07.06.2004
United States/NEWSWEEK Newsweek 21.06.2004
1-50 out of 59 entries
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