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Internet Sites including Harun Yahya Works

1-50 out of 50 entries Another web site regarding Turkish - Islamic Union in Azerbaijani language, which is based on the works of Harun Yahya.
Turkish Islamic Union A web site regarding Turkish - Islamic Union which is based on works of Harun Yahya in Azerbaijani language. The site was made in Azerbaijani and Russian languages.
Melih Gurleyen This personal blog includes works of Harun Yahya on various topics in Turkish language  
Wonders Of Allah"s Creation The Islamic web site Islam Emlinha carries the complete text of Harun Yahya’s book Wonders of Allah’s Creation.
Islam Denounces TerrorIsm A web site describing 11 September as “the day when another side of the face of humanity was seen” broadcasts the documentary film “Islam Denounces Terrorism,” inspired by the works of Harun Yahya.
Harun Yahya www.harunyahya.sayfasi.deThis personal blog includes works of Harun Yahya on various topics in Turkish language 
Internet SItes That Include Works Of Harun Yahya Some Internet websites that include works of Harun Yahya.
Arabic Sites That include Works Of Harun Yahya Arabic Sites that include Harun Yahya works
Personal Website By Prof. Steven Lehar On his personal website,  Professor Steven Lehar, who has made his expertise on the fields of cognition and nervous system, suggests "Secret Beyond Matter" website that is based on works of Harun Yahya
IslamIc InformatIon OffIce Of HawaII Islamic Information Office of Hawaii website includes a featured section that contains works of Harun Yahya
InteractIve Islam website publishes articles by Harun Yahya
Online islamic Store Online Islamic Store introduces Harun Yahya Books, Videos, DVD"s and more...
Palestine Chronicle Palestine Chronicle, independent internet website among founders of which includes such names as Palastinian political leader Hanan Ashrawi and well-known Noam Chomsky, presents article series regarding the great month of Ramadan by Harun Yahya, official web site of "The Khwarzimic Science Society" in Pakistan,  introduces 2 part series of "The Evolution Deceit" articles by Harun Yahya
IslamIc BulletIn The Islamic Bulletin publishes the article "The Miracle of the Ant" by Harun Yahya
InsIght Insight magazine is a publication of "Islamic Foundation for Education and Welfare".
Tanzanya islam Page Tanzanya Islam Page publishes online article "Failure of Evolution Theory and Thermodynamics" by Harun Yahya, in their native Swahili language.
Coislam Science Science section of this website, which broadcasts in two languages, Urdu and English, on subjects of Islam, Science and Technology, consists basically of works of Harun Yahya.
Islam AwakenIng Islam Awakening is an Internet Portal which was built with the purpose of introducing people the religion of Islam according to the Qur"an and sunnah of our Prophet (Pbuh) Documentaries that were based on the works of Harun Yahya have been translated into a great number of foreign languages.
Al-madeena Al-Madeena, a site of great content, is interelated with a lot of Islamic websites and acquires a special Harun Yahya homepage.
Jafariya News, an internet newspaper in Pakistan, publishes such Harun Yahya articles as "Love of Allah and Fear of Allah", "How to stop Wars?" and "Doing good without expecting anything in return"
Le Petit Savant In this site, "The World of Our Little Friends, Ants" written for children by Harun Yahya is published in French.
Edu Tv News Professor W.William from Harvard Medical School
Islam And New Zealand New Zealan Islamic Page introduces Harun Yahya works to its readers
Famous Muslims Sitesi In this site, biogrophies of worldwide known Muslim scientists, intellectuals, sportsmen and politicians are presented.
News From Bangladesh In this news portal, "A call for unity" by Harun Yahya is presented.
Islam InformatIon AustralIa This site is for providing Muslims in Australia with information about Islam.
Suara Merdeka Gazetesi Suara Merdeka is one of the mostly read daily newspapers in Indonesia.
One Ummah One Ummah site was found with the purpose of warning Muslims against irreligious ideoligies and racism and of spreading love and compassion which exist in the essence of Islam. 
The Moscow News The internet website of The Moscow News, published for 70 years in Russia, presents Harun Yahya"s "Behind the Scenes of Iraq War" as a 6 part series.
Islam: The Modern RelIgIon "Giving Thanks to Allah" and "From Caterpillar to Butterfly" are two of many articles published in this site by Harun Yahya. Pakistan Times is the first independent newspaper in Pakistan. This is the site of "Muslim Leaders Council" that was found in South Africa in 1955 and it introduces biography of Harun Yahya.
Victory News This website of Indonesia origin, gives a special section for Harun Yahya and his works. The site presents some works of Harun Yahya along with his biography.
Librairie Islamique Found with the purpose of the message of the Qur"an and our Prophet, the site introduces Muslim scholars and publishes their works. The site is followed by Muslims all over the Word as it provides Islamic knowledge and updates regularly. This online magazine, published as hardcopy between the years of 1989-1995, encourages love and compassion among people of different religions. This site is found and run by Muslims in England with the purpose of spreading Islamic message to non-Muslims living in the UK. Sitesi With its more than 3000 page content, is among the biggest Islamic websites. This site gets important Islamic references together as it presents Harun Yahya"s books and articles.
Ursasoft Introduced by British writer Peter B.
Utah"s independent Media Source The Rise of Islam by Harun Yahya is published in this website. Hopeways is a website that encourages interfaith relations to improve.
Pakistan Pakistan is one of Media Monitors Network"s services and it has published great number of works by Harun Yahya. has followers more than 100 countries all over the world and one the greatest Islamic websites in America. Media Monitors. Below are two scientific articles by Harun Yahya among many others published in
1-50 out of 50 entries

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