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Conferences and Fairs

Conferences dealing with the works of Harun Yahya have been held in some of the world's most renowned universities, from Australia to Canada, from Britain to Malaysia. More than 2500 such conferences have to date been staged in Turkey and abroad.

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United Kingdom Fossil Exhibition during Oxford Brookes University Conference 16.03.2014
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition in Islamic School in Enchede 13.03.2014
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition in Islamic school in Rotterdam 03.03.2014
Austria Harun Yahya books and DVDs at Ijaz International conference in Vienna 20.01.2014
Tataristan Euro-Asia-Expo in Kazan (October, 3-6, 2013) 03.10.2013
Sweden Gothenburg International Book Fair 25.09.2013
Hong Kong S.A.R. Kowloon Mosque Fossil Exhibition 01.10.2013
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition in Rosendaal the Netherlands 21.09.2013
Russia Moscow International Book Fair 05.09.2013
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition in Scheveningen 30.08.2013
Germany Clausthal University Conference 19.07.2013
Indonesia Harun Yahya Conferences in Indonesia 01.01.2009
Belgium Fossil Exhibition in Willebroek 29.06.2013
United Kingdom Birmingham Central Mosque 31.03.2013
India Cordova Islamic Fair 02.05.2013
Belgium Harun Yahya DVDs distributed free of charge in Ghent 15.04.2013
Netherlands, The Zwijndrecht Conference, 'The Invalidity of the Evolution Theory' 02.06.2013
Netherlands, The Advent Media, 'Presentation: The Invalidity of Darwinism' 30.05.2013
Netherlands, The Amsterdam Conference: 'The Invalidity of Darwinism' 01.06.2013
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition in Terneuzen 30.04.2013
Hong Kong S.A.R. Fossil Exhibition at Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College 30.09.2011
Fransa Ijaaz International Conference 29.03.2013
United Kingdom The Deen Institute organized a conference about the invalidity of Darwinism and creation by Allah 05.01.2013
Belgium Kineapolis Fossil Exhibition 23.12.2012
Hong Kong S.A.R. Kowloon Masjid Fossil Exhibition 02.09.2012
Switzerland There were conferences held on the fact of creation in Lausanne, Fribourg and Chaux-de-Fonds 17.12.2012
Tataristan Tatary, Harun Yahya Works at Yar Calli 02.06.2012
Germany Union of Religions Conference in Dsseldorf 05.05.2012
United Kingdom A Conference Was Held On Allahs Miracles in The Quran At Harrow Central Mosque in London 19.11.2012
United Kingdom A Conference Was Held On Allahs Miracles in The Quran At Oxford Madinah Masjid 17.11.2012
United Kingdom A Conference Was Held On Allahs Miracles In The Quran At Ilford Islamic Day Care And Community Centre 18.11.2012
United Kingdom A Conference Was Held On Allahs Miracles in The Quran At Al Madina Masjid in London 17.11.2012
United States A Conference Titled The Collapse Of Evolution Theory Was Held At Purdue University 16.10.2012
France A Conference Was Held At Cep In France 29.09.2012
Netherlands, The Rosendaal Fossil Exhibition 27.10.2012
France An international Conference On Creation, Science And Peace Was Held in Paris 30.09.2012
Netherlands, The Coolsingel Fossil Exhibition 14.10.2012
France Val Doise Harun Yahya Works At Muslim Fair 15.09.2012
United States Harun Yahya Representatives Explained That islam is The Religion Of Peace And Love At The American Congress Building 12.09.2012
United Kingdom The Miracles Of The Quran And The Portents Of The End Times Conferences At Tooting islamic Center 22.06.2012
Netherlands, The An Exhibition Of Harun Yahya Books And Fossils Providing Creation In Beursplein Of Amsterdam 13.09.2012
United States Harun Yahya Conference At Purdue University, United States 13.09.2012
Rusya Federasyonu Harun Yahya Works At The 25th international Moscow Book Fair 10.09.2012
Rusya Federasyonu Harun Yahya Works Exhibition In Russia 12.08.2012
Netherlands, The Fossil Exhibition Proving Creation In The Hague, Holland 09.08.2012
United Kingdom Harun Yahya Brochures Distributed At Hyde Park, London 21.03.2012
United Kingdom Harun Yahya Works At The London international Book Fair 16.04.2012
United Kingdom The Creation Of The Universe And The Miracles Of The Qur’an Conference At The University Of London 31.01.2012
Bangladesh Harun Yahya Conferences Every Week In Bangladesh 01.04.2012
United Kingdom ""islam And Peace"", ""the Collapse Of Atheism"" Conferences At The University Of Oxford Brookes 17.04.2012
1-50 out of 356 entries
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