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Conferences and Fairs

Conferences dealing with the works of Harun Yahya have been held in some of the world's most renowned universities, from Australia to Canada, from Britain to Malaysia. More than 2500 such conferences have to date been staged in Turkey and abroad.

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Albania Books By Harun Yahya On Display In Tirana 14.11.2008
France Enormous interest in The Creation Exhibition in France 15.04.2007
Germany Frankfurt islamic Books Exhibition 19.03.2009
Germany Frankfurt islamic Books Exhibition 09.10.2008
United States 2009 Isna 03.07.2009
Rusya Federasyonu 2nd islamic Book Fair in The City Of Kazan 09.06.2009
Germany Offenbach islamic Books Exhibition 26.02.2009
Germany German Students Examining The Atlas Of Creation In Class 01.01.2009
United States Vanderbilt University 28.02.2007
Pakistan Islamabad, Conference On The Turkish-Islamic Union At The International Islamic University 09.03.2009
Azerbaycan Azerbaijan Conferences Series 00.12.2008
United Arab Emirates The Harun Yahya Book Stand At The Burj Dubai 01.02.2009
United Arab Emirates Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution Conference At Dubai’s American University 05.02.2009
Israel Holy Land Hotel Fossil Exhibition 00.07.2008
Rusya Federasyonu 21st Moscow international Book Fair 03.11.2008
United States Battery Park Fossil Exhibition 12.11.2008
United Arab Emirates The Museum Of Creation At The Sharjah Book Fair 05.12.2007
Kazakhstan Presidential Culture Center 12.10.2007
United Kingdom Living Fossils Exhibition At Leeds Metropolitan University 20.02.2008
Canada The Muslim Students’ Association At Memorial University 00.00.2008
Germany Living Fossils Dating Back Millions Of Years Displayed In German High Schools 11.03.2008
Bangladesh IpcI 20.05.2008
Pakistan Superior Group Of Colleges 02.04.2007
Azerbaycan Unfpa And Garp University Seminar 24.02.2007
Rusya Federasyonu 20th Moscow international Book Fair 05.09.2007
Norway Oslo University 06.05.2007
United States Isna Book FaIr 31.08.2007
Kuwait American Creativity Academy- Kuwait 07.03.2007
United Arab Emirates Lexicon 15.11.2001
S?rbistan Banjakluka Book Fair 18.09.2001
Portugal Al Furqan 08.08.1999
Taiwan Taipei Book Fair 19.02.2002
Rusya Federasyonu Religious Tolerance Fair 15.05.2002
Rusya Federasyonu Fifth National Russian Book Fair 13.03.2002
Brunei 1st international islamic Expo 18.08.2001
Switzerland Association Culturelle Des Femmes Musulmanes De Suisse 27.04.2001
Umman Muscat Book Fair 26.03.2002
Indonesia Various Events 00.00.0000
Yugoslavia Belgrade Book Fair 18.07.2001
Rusya Federasyonu The Moskow international Book Fair 05.09.2001
United States Nima 16.06.2001
Indonesia IndonesIan Book FaIr 12.08.2001
United States Isna ConventIon 03.09.2001
Egypt Al-azhar University 25.09.2001
Germany Frankfurt Bookfairs 2001 -2002 - 2004 09.10.2001
United States Icna ConventIon 13.09.2001
United States Usa Conferences 20.01.2007
United States Parkland College Of Illinois 24.01.2007
United States Harun Yahya Conferences In America 20.10.2006
United States Al Sabeel Foundation 23.11.2006
301-350 out of 356 entries
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