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Articles in the World Press
Harun Yahya's articles are published in newspapers, magazines and web sites in many countries throughout the world, from Malaysia to Britain, and from India to Canada and Bahrain. In this section, you can find articles on faith, political issues and other subjects.
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Umman/Times of Oman New conflicts have put the whole of MENA into turmoil 25.08.2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina/The Bosnia Times Power Struggles and Collaboration in the Balkans 24.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News Anger prevents one from seeing beauties 22.08.2014
United States/Eurasia Review Federalism: A Path Turkey Must Avoid 05.07.2014
United Kingdom/ Lessons from Turkey on how to break free from military rule 21.08.2014
United Kingdom/Urdu Times In the world we dream of children are not killed 21.08.2014
Bangladesh/Blitz Racism That Spoils the Fun and Football 19.08.2014
Burma/Burma Times A lesson from Ferguson riots 23.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News A lesson from Ferguson riots 23.08.2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina/The Bosnia Times A Bullet Changed the World, But the Balkans Are Still the Same 19.08.2014
Pakistan/Daily Mail A federal system is not a viable option for Turkey 17.08.2014
United States/ Building a nation is done with love 16.08.2014
India/The Milli Gazette Oh, Muslim awake! 16.08.2014
Pakistan/Opinion Maker New interventions cannot solve the dilemma in Libya 18.08.2014
United States/ Ebola Outbreak: Not simply some figures 13.08.2014
Spain/MBC Times International How a "little boy" changed the world forever 13.08.2014
Burma/Burma Times Love will conquer all the troubles of the world 31.07.2014
Pakistan/National Herald Tribune A New Turkey After Election 19.08.2014
Malaysia/Harakah Daily Mistakes are part of destiny 18.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News And to Him shall we return 14.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Riyadh Vision We need the special language of peace 18.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Riyadh Vision Politics is not the only solution 13.08.2014
Bulgaria/Balkan Chronicle How Can the Economic Problems in Bosnia Be Resolved? 05.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News A New Turkey after the election 16.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News A new era for Turkey 09.08.2014
Pakistan/Daily Mail Learning to choose love 12.08.2014
Yemen/National Yemen The Changing Face of War 09.08.2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina/The Bosnia Times Small steps that could make a big difference 08.08.2014
United States/ Cooperation is essential 07.08.2014
India/Muslim Mirror Can radicals hurt the image of Islam with their abhorrent actions? 21.07.2014
Malaysia/Harakah Daily Take the side of the defenders of love, not the shedders of blood! 31.07.2014
Burma/Burma Times What is it that turns the whole world into a blood bath? 08.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News Allah will make Islam prevail in the world 08.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Riyadh Vision Resolving The Lack Of A Solution In Kashmir 06.08.2014
Bulgaria/Balkan Chronicle A hand for friendship and loyalty extending to Bosnia 05.08.2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina/The Bosnia Times We need the special language of peace 03.08.2014
Bosnia and Herzegovina/The Bosnia Times We Must Prioritize On What We Spend 01.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News What has changed since Lausanne? 02.08.2014
Bangladesh/Blitz Why is Maryam Yahya to be executed? 28.07.2014
Spain/MBC Times International The Middle East Needs Love and Unity More Than Ever 01.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Arab News How prayer benefits a believer's soul 01.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Riyadh Vision What if your whole memory was erased... 01.08.2014
Saudi Arabia/Riyadh Vision It is not jihad in Iraq but struggle for resources 31.07.2014
Tunisia/Dhamir What does Turkey's 2014 local elections tell us? 15.07.2014
Tunisia/Dhamir Towards the Presidential Election in Turkey 11.07.2014
Tunisia/Dhamir It is not jihad in Iraq but struggle for resources 27.06.2014
Tunisia/Dhamir What can Tunisia do to accomplish its democratic revolution? 19.06.2014
Tunisia/Dhamir Reconciliation is the winner in Tunisia 04.06.2014
Burma/Burma Times Not a struggle against men or armies, but ideologies 27.07.2014
Malaysia/Harakah Daily Remembering unity during the Eid al Fitr 27.07.2014
1-50 out of 768 entries
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